One of the coolest things about being in the media is that sometimes you get free things.  For me, ususally it is DVDs or concert tickets.  But Peter Cheney gets something a little cooler: The Porsche 997 Turbo.

Cheney is the automotive journalist for the Globe and Mail and because of that, he often gets to drive some of the coolest and most rare of cars.  And for a split second, so did his son Will.  Which explains why one sunny afternoon, the $150,000 car went crashing through family’s garage.

You’ll have to read the hilarious story for yourself, but I think my favourite part was when Cheney had to call the Porsche press representitative and he came over to survey the damage.  After looking at the damage estimated at $11,000, Rick Bye walked over to the son and said: “Stuff happens,We’re glad you’re okay. This is only a car. You don’t need a lecture. You already know.”

Uhhh….are you kidding me?  Dear Mr. Bye, any chance you feel like adopting a 28-year-old blogger?  I really could use some of your patience and understanding.  I get a guilt trip if I delete Glee off the Tivo!

And that is why Peter Cheney is the luckiest writer ever.

Mike Morrison