So you can file this under the “kinda funny, kinda sad file.”

The nominations for this years Vivid Image awards came out today. Basically these are awards for people that worked for Storybook Theatre this year. Avid readers will remember that I did Rapunzel with the company back in January.

Now here is the kicker. Everyone in my production got Nominated!….oh except for me. Seriously. Every. Single. Member. To review nominees from our play are: Allison, Chad, Tanya, Elley, Sam, Kirstie and Caitlynne. Just not me.

I mean come on, you think they would have at least “pity-nominated” me? Wouldn’t that have been better than just leaving me off the list all together? To add insult to injury they email me the nominees and the next email I get is about acting classes. Oh Karma you are a cruel cruel ironic bitch.

Get me Susan Lucci’s number!

Mike Morrison