>Please note: This entry contains some spoilerish details about “The Holiday”

So last night my roomate and I decided to have a roomate christmas! Basically this entailed me promising to drive her to Walmart, IF she came to the movies with me. Just like a real christmas. We decided to see something of the festive nature, we chose The Holiday. Basically it had something for both of us. Me=Kate Winslet, Her=Jude Law. I’m usually pretty open minded when I go to movies, I knew this movie was a romatic comedy so I wasn’t going to take it too seriously, the following is a list of my favorite lines for the movie (ironic or not), questions and/or queries.

1. Product Placement Alert: “I even went to FedEx yesterday to make sure it would be there for the Christmas.“; British Airways and Sony Computers should have been on the poster for this movie.
2. Why do Jude Law’s kids (3 and 6) each have their own cell phones (caller ID)
3.Cameron Diaz “acting” like she actually likes kids deserves an Oscar.
4.Where were these peoples parents for Christmas.
5. I’m not a regular “Tommy Lee”, but is it weird that Diaz has the sex with her bra on? And that was an awful long 8 hours until her flight.
6.I nearly lost it when Jude uttered these precious words. “Maybe my package isn’t the greatest in the light of day, but it’s that what I have to offer.” Holy Shit! Anyone, anyone! A little help here!

But, this is not all to say I didn’t enjoy the movie. I could watch Kate Winslet read the payroll! And I will say the scene in the tent was perhaps the most perfect scene ever on film. Or maybe it is this…..

Yeah I think it was that.

Mike Morrison