>So with February sweeps over, most of our favorite shows will not go into periodic re-runs. Which means they won’t be new every week for the next month or two. But for some shows the wait will be much much longer.

Our dear little Veronica Mars won’t be returning until MAY 1st! WHAT! That is just crazy. I’ll give you a moment. By that time, I still won’t have my passport, nor will have been able to pay off my Visa. But worry not, I’m professionaly trained in waiting for long periods of time for our Heroine (i mean the female hero, not the drug. I’m a bad speller) Remember when Buffy used to go on her long “vacations”? In particular, I remember when her mom died and we had to wait something like 2.5 months. Just Ridiculous.

If that wasn’t enough Heroes doesn’t make it’s triumphant return (sans Petrelli bangs I might add) until April 23! Whats the deal with this you might ask? Well there are only so many weeks in a TV season (Sept-May) and a show usually produces about 23 episodes a season. So doing the math that leaves us with alot of free time on our hands. But is it better when shows take longer breaks like Veronica and Claire Bennett or shorter breaks with more interruption in the story like Grey’s “will not die no matter how long I’ve been under or not breathingAnatomy?
Hmm I wonder.

“I’m fine, I’ll just wait here.”

***Also, Thanks to my friend Tanya and Elly I now own TIVO. This is life changing for me. I’d put it right up there with buying my first Buffy DVDs and passing high school Math. I’ve named my Tivo Miguelito. He is a smart little boy, except sometimes he thinks he should tape shows he thinks I would like. For the record Miguelito, I don’t like Fame, Judge Joe Brown or Little House on the Prairie***

Mike Morrison