>May I please present:

7 things that are more embarrassing than the fact that I just wasted three hours of my life watching One Tree Hill starring my arch nemesis Chad Michael Murray and featuring Kevin Federline.

1. Buying Kevin Federline’s CD.
2. Joining a Chad Michael Murray fan club.
3. Starting a Chad Michael Murray fan club.
4. Wearing the same clothes that fit you in 1997 (oh shit, I already do that-stupid metabolism)
5. Trying out for an athletic team of some nature.  (Except swimming.  I always thought I would have been a good swimmer. sigh)
6. Singing the lyrics to the Full House theme song in front of a stadium full of people.  What did ever happen to predictability?
7. Realizing that blogging isn’t actually important.  Ha ha.  Like that will ever happen.
Side note:  I will admit that the music on the show is pretty sweet.  The Nationals, new Kelly Clarkson?  Allllll goooooddddd.
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Mike Morrison