The world of Soap Operas was dealt quite the blow today. And yes, Soap Operas are still on.

It was announced earlier today that Days of Our Lives superstars John (Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena (Deidre Hall) were given the axe and their final episodes will air in January!

I haven’t watched Days since high school, even then it was during my summer breaks when I had nothing to do. But wow, John and Marlena leaving the show?! Who is Stefano going to try to kill now? And what if that pesky Devil comes back, who is he (or she) going to possess now?

Also, what do you think is happening in the above picture?

Is John:

a) kissing Marlena?
b) eating Marlena? (heads out of the gutters please!)
c) trying to revive Marlena because she ate peanuts on the plane?

UPDATE: And it looks like the actor that plays Phillip also got the boot. That’s one of Marlena’s kids right?

Mike Morrison