>The girls have a lot to live up to tonight. No, I’m not talking about the guys, I’m talking about the 80’s! Let’s get things started:

Asia’h was an extra in a roller skating scene of a movie. Who thinks it was Monster? Asia’h came onto the stage and completely stole the show already! Her version of Whitney’s I Want To Dance With Somebody was enough to get Paula off the seat, but that could have been the pills kicking in. This was by far her BEST performance and makes us forget all about last week. Thankfully.

Cady Malloy is another singer who is singer for her life tonight. Let’s face it she is going home no matter what she sings. I think the moment that Cady just explained was actually last week show, even though she says it was in Grade 7. Her version of Queen’s “Who wants to live forever” started off rough, and I’m talking alone on a Friday night for the past 2 years rough. She brought it on near the end but it wasn’t even close enough to save her!

Amanda Overmeyer is next and she too is riding a wave of negative publicity and I think the best thing she can do is not sing the obvious Pat Benetar. Luckily she chose some Joan Jett and actually can’t look more bored. She keeps doing this weird shimmy thing in the middle of the stage like she has something stuck in the middle of her butt. Look out Amanda, you wanna make the Top 12 CD don’t you? But Simon and the gang loved it, so I guess that is why they make the big money eh!

Really Carly, falling down was your most embarrassing moment? I would have thought it was having a major label release your CD and it only selling . But maybe that’s just me. Carly looks like she got attacked by one those “Glamour Shot” studios. I want last weeks Carly back even though her voice is amazing still, I think the make up, the hair, the smiling is just too much! Although props to Carly’s mom for actually looking younger than Carly.! Wowzer!

First off, I would like to congratulate Kristy Lee Cook for not mentioning horses. That must have been hard. Oh well, who cares when she has the guts to sing Journey in front of Randy and she sings it and what will sure to be remembered as her best and most memorable performance to date. Maybe she should talk about horses a whole lot less.

How many times has Phil Collin’s “Against All Odds” been sung on this freaking show!?! I’ll Ramiele Malubay sing it just this one last time because she is one of my favorites. I thought it did a great job of showing us her range and plus she wore a purple skirt in front of 30 million so for that reason alone she should make it to the Top 12.

Brooke White amazing how she makes every single song her own no matter how popular or is slowly but surely becoming a front runner for this sing. It’s absolutelyclicheed it is. Her acoustic version of “Love is a Battlefield” is most definitely download worthy. I think I’m going to rewind it and watch it again. I got nothing say bad to say.

Syesha Mercado wraps up the night with the slow 80’s ballad “Saving all my love”. It’s kinda an anti-climatic way to wrap up such a solid show. This is really when American Idol get s good because for the most part the dead weight is gone. This girl has amazing range as well but I don’t think it was memorable enough to make her really stick out.

Could you tell that they ran out of time and only let the judges say 2 words each? Kinda not fair to Syesha eh?

So with the that the 80’s are over. I can only assume the Top 12 will sing the 90’s next week.

So who is going home?

I feel like it might be the end of the road for Syesha and Cady. But Amanda might slip through. Either way it’s going to be an amazing Top 12!!!!

Mike Morrison