The LA Complex, CTV’s newest series, hasn’t even debuted in Canada yet and the show is already picking up steam in the states. Reports surfaced all over the place today that the CW is thisclose to signing a deal to bring the series to the Vampire Diaries network.  The show is about a no-holds-barred, character-driven relationship drama that follows the exploits of six attractive, young hopefuls in search of stardom in Hollywood. Basically it’s if the kids of Degrassi lived in Melrose Place.  Actually, it even features one of Degrassi’s alumni Cassie Steele as a Toronto girl who thinks she has what it takes to make it in Hollywood. Don’t we all.

There’s a joke about a Canadian show, about an American city, that’s shot in Canada, being picked up in the States…but I can’t seem to put my finger on it.

While it’s always good news when an American network picks up a Canadian show, it doesn’t always mean success. The last show that the CW picked up was 18 to Life and it was promptly canceled after only three episodes. Admitidly, The LA Complex oozes sex, which is what The CW is all about, so hopefully they’ll find some success this time around, especially if Degrassi’s rabid fan base (myself included) warms up to the series.

THE L.A. COMPLEX will have a special simulcast premiere on MuchMusic and CTV on January 10th and the series will likely air this summer on The CW.

Mike Morrison


  1. Do you know what, I’ve never seen Firefly! Hoping this show lasts a little longer for her!

  2. plus Jewel Staite from Firefly is in it so all the Browncoats are a built in fan base for the show already. She’s been tweeting about the show for a while now.

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