>Earlier on this week I had a column in the Calgary Herald discussing voter biased when it comes to Canadian Idol. You can read it here. I knew it would ruffle feathers, and regular readers would know that that is why I wrote it.

Well today in paper, for the first time, I got a letter to the editor dismissing my article as trash. Of course, I loved it and would like you to all enjoy it. You can click here to read it on the Herald’s website, or read below….with my own comments added of course

Nothing wrong with Drumheller
Calgary HeraldPublished: Thursday, September 13, 2007

Idol – Re: “The newest Canadian Idol is in your hands,” Michael Morrison, Opinion, Sept. 11.
If Michael Morrison had bothered to do even some basic research, he would have known that by the time his tirade was published, the votes were in, counted, and awaiting announcement (I did know this, I submitted it on Saturday for Monday, the paper chose not to run the piece until Tuesday).
It is also interesting to note that he couldn’t resist an adolescent slur against Drumheller (and Red Deer, apparently).

I was born and raised in Drumheller (that must have sucked), spent 40 years in Edmonton (even worse) and am now residing in the Calgary area. I am always amused and somewhat surprised (really?!?) at the comments of some people which denigrate other locations, supposedly with the goal of congratulating themselves on their choice of living environments.
I suspect Morrison has probably not even visited Drumheller (I have. 3 times. Each time is worse than the last), given his lack of attention to the topic. I am also of the opinion that he probably hasn’t taken a serious look at the urban sprawl that is now Calgary (um, all I do is make fun of Calgary, I’m an equal opportunity hater).
Louise Clozza,

The article about Idol also appeared on the Calgary Herald blog where I also took a beating. But I don’t think this person even read it. Below it you’ll see my response.

Well after reading this very informative (?) (< ---she added that, not me!) constructive/destructive criticism on two young talented individuals just trying to have a little fun in the hopes of being discovered by record companies in the fields which they so love since the time they were able to speak and hear, I have come to a conclusion.

It’s too bad you know, that there are always people like yourself who always tend to try to find the negativity in someone. I ask you why then is the show “the Canadian idols” become so popular just like its counterpart in the U.S.? Surely this must prove that there are more fans (myself included), than there are those who are negatively minded to a contest that is so entertaining and inspiring.

I say, if someone does not like a certain program on their television set, then pick up the remote, point and click, and get to another show. I understand that your job is in the media and freedom of speech is a go. But why degrade a young and innocent young man because of the place in which he was born and the way his mother chose to spell his name, and then again imply that the reason that either may win, will be because of the size of the population within their province.

The reason I like to watch Idols, is that it is very entertaining and I can’t wait until Monday night rolls around. Good luck to both Jaydee and Brian!!! . And as for you Mr. Morrison, I have but one last thing to leave you with.
To Which I Responded:
Well first, I”d like to thank you for taking the time read The Q. We have a lot of fun here and we appreciate you swinging by and sharing your opinion.

I usually don’t respond to comments because, like you, I believe in the awesomeness of free speech. However, I kinda just wanted to clear things up because I feel like you missed the point of the light-hearted piece. (I notice you weren’t upset about the Drumheller comment)
After repeated reading of this piece, (I’m my biggest fan), I find it odd that someone would find this blog insulting to the Idol finalists. I am fairly certain I complement the finalists numerous times.

“Jaydee, you are a good ol’ Alberta boy and with a whole province behind you I might think that you have a good chance”.

As for Brian, my only criticism of the talented singer is that it is too bad that is embarrassed to admit to himself that he is bald. Idol is about being yourself and I don’t feel like Brian is doing that, surely you would agree that it is odd that he has never once made an Idol appearance without a hat. I mean really, if your friend wore a hat EVERY SINGLE DAY, surely you would say something.

The purpose of the article was to highlight something that everyone in the Canadian media agrees on (even the Judges): Competitions like Idol often become a matter of where you are from, not how talented you are. For example, don’t you find it odd that no one from the Maritimes has ever won? Did you know that in the states 5 out of the 7 American Idols are from the South, or the red states? Just because a contestant is from Alberta does that really make him the best? Just because our province has more voters than NWT or New Brunswick, does that mean someone should be punished by being voted out?

I LOVE idol. I watch every episode and always tear up at the end when I see someone who has gone from obscurity to fame in a matter of months. And their fame, no matter how fleeting, is well deserved and I make no quams about my jealousy of anyone who can sing a song outside of their shower!

So I’ll repeat it again. Thanks again for reading and we here at The Q always love reading comments! Keep on rocking!

ps. Thanks for calling me Mr. Morrison. I emailed that part to my mom.

Mike Morrison