All the pieces of The Bachelor Canada are slowly coming together.  A couple of weeks ago, it was announced that Brad Smith will be Canada’s first Bachelor and now, this morning, Citytv announced that Tyler Harcot will be the host of the show when it premieres this fall.

The name might not immediately jump out at you, but he’s actually quite the TV vetran.  Harcot has been hosting shows for the past 17 years including Wired, Junkyard Wars, Guess Who’s Coming to Decorate and Miss America: Countdown to the crown.

Born in Calgary, Hartcot now lives in New York with his wife Genevieve Gorder, who many will remember as a decorator on TLC’s Trading Spaces. Needless to say, that house likes reality TV!

I’ve never seen Harcot before, but I was surprised that Citytv didn’t hire in the family, like they did with Dina Pugliese for Canada’s Got Talent.  It’s a strategy that worked for CTV as well, when they had Ben Mulroney host Canadian Idol and Leah Miller hosted So You Think You Can Dance.

Now that we know the Bachelor and the host, that only leaves one piece left: The Girls.  As we know, they’ll make or break the show, so I can’t wait to see who the “lucky” 25 women are!

Mike Morrison


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