>So I JUST got back from another crazy weekend in the mountains. Thank god for three day weekends eh! Unfortunately I broke my cardinal rule of posting every weekday! But fret not there will be post a plenty over the next two days because I’m heading to Halifax on Wednesday because I am going to be a groomsmen in my friends wedding!

Posts to expect include:
-Why tourists are the most ridiculous people on earth
-My thoughts on Eric (America’s Player) being screwed over on Big Brother 8
-My new favorite song. (It will be yours too)
-What exactly does one want to say in the best wedding speech ever.
-Why my new mantra of “sleeping when I’m dead” is killing me faster than Ving Rhames dog.

Thanks for being patient. I can happily say that the craziest/funnest 6 weeks of my life will come to a close next Tuesday. That is until the little 24 hours in Vegas trip!

Check back soon.

Mike Morrison