>So what does one do when they’ve spent way to much money in the past month and they barely have enough money for rent?  Well there is a couple of options:  I could cancel my cable (ha!), I could cancel my EW subscription (ha ha!) I could get a 4th job…..yeah that’s probably what I’ll have to do.

But until then I’ve decided to hermit myself and try to stay at home where i can’t spend money for as long as possible.  And when you lock yourself in your house for as many nights as I have, your mind starts to wonder.  Should I start watching One Tree Hill again?  Am I ever going to finish a book in its entirety?  Does everyone know that my birthday is one 9 days away?
This is about the time I do something that we all do but never admit.  Google ourselves.  Actually, I opening admit to googling myself.  It’s fun to see.   Unfortunately my name (it’s Michael Morrison, mom) is quite common so usually I have to filter a little bit.  Michael Morrison + Fredericton, usually brings up some stuff I did in University.  If you google Michael Morrison + Calgary you get a whole bunch of stuff. Most of it is for the former Edmonton Oilers goalie who shared my name….but the other stuff is usually about me.
But tonight I ventured into a whole new realm.  Facebooking myself.  Has anyone else ever done this?  I’m not proud of it….but we all have our point of no return or our rock bottom.  I think this is mine.  
The most interesting results is when you do Group search for your own name.  And while I wish nothing else in the world but for those groups to really about me…I know sadly they aren’t.  But there is one that I want to stay far away from.
Facebook results for Michael Morrison in “Groups”:
Michael Morrison is a man without phone numbers! (Sadly this is true since going bald.)
I want to be like Mike….Morrison.  (Who doesn’t!?  Seriously though do you want to trade lives?)
The Mike Morrison Fan Club (I’d give a million dollars for this to be about me and not some guy with a stupid smile and lame haircut)
Petition to get Mike Morrison on Facebook.  (Is that a specific Mike Morrison, cause I’m already there.  What more do you want?)
and lastly…..
In Loving Memory of Mike Morrison.  (I bet this would make a lot of people happy…..or at least satisfied that wishing well wishes come true…..yeah I”m talking to you Vibe 98.5)

I think I might need some fresh air.

Mike Morrison