>On the bubble shows should watch out.

The cancellation axe was heavy on Thursday as three high-profile shows all got the chop.

1) My Own Worst Enemy. It’s too bad that enemy couldn’t become a fan, maybe the extra set of eyes could have saved this Christian Slater show.

2) Lipstick Jungle. . Darren Star was the executive producer of the already cancelled Cashmere Mafia and now Candice Bushnell’s Jungle is also wrapping production, forget about Seinfeld, I think Sex and The City might have a curse of it’s own!

3) Mad TV…wait this show was still on? Hmm. I guess it simply couldn’t compete with all the praise that SNL was getting this season. But I did used to love this show. It was a little more crass that SNL and always went a little bit too far, which I obviously love. Some of my favorite and most popular characters included Stuart “Look what I can do” Larkin, Bunifa Latifah Halifah Sharifa Jackson and of course Mrs. Swan.

The show will finish out it’s 14th season (!) before being buried in the TV graveyard.
Here is a favorite clip of the now infamous Mrs. Swan:

Mike Morrison