>Calgary is a hilarious place. Where else can it snow in April, rain for the entire months of May and June and then for the summer’s first long weekend it reach a completely unreasonable 33 degrees (91 Fahrenheit)?

But I love the heat, so I’m not going to blame. Plus I’m lucky enough to have a four day weekend, so bring on the heat.

Perhaps the most popular activity to do in the summer time in Calgary is float leisurely down the Elbow or Bow river. They are kinda like lazy rivers you’ll find at a water park, only people drink on our rivers. Knowing that they would be packed, I decided to take my pale ass elsewhere.

Weekend (so-far)Wrap Up:

Saturday night, some friends and I checked out some acts from the Sled Island festival. I keep meaning to check into why it’s called Sled Island, because all week it has sounded like people were saying Slut Island, which is obviously a completely different island all together. Not to mention, it was just last week that we hosted the Virgin Fest and while I have known some girls to have gone from virgins to sluts in under a week, I didn’t know festivals could do it too. Anyway, my favorite band of the night was definitely Language Arts. They actually hail from Nova Scotia and they pretty much are destined to end up with a song in one of those montages at the end of a show like Grey’s Anatomy.

On Sunday, I was feeling particularly adventures and decided to head out to the mountains last minute with my friend. We decided to go for a hike up a trail called the Yamneska Trail. We also decided about 5 minutes after starting that we are definitely out.of.shape. My friend quickly explained to me that my diet of chips and chocolate chips probably attributed to my what I can only assume were a series of heart-attacks mixed with crying. But, I’m a trooper and even though my friend made it only half way up, I actually made it all the way to the top of the mountain and it was amazing! I had my turkey sandwich on the edge of Yam Mountain and while it was terrifying it was also a great feeling. If, when, we do get Survivor Canada, I’m soooo ready for it. Of course, on my way down I got horrendously lost and was actually kinda scared, but my mom reads thing blog, so let’s save it for another day.

All and all it was great weekend. Capped off with a viewing marathon of Jon & Kate Plus 8, which you know I loved. Actually, correction, it was a perfect weekend.

I’m off to Lethbridge on Monday and Tuesday to celebrate Canada Day with my cousin. Should be a blast!!!

Mike Morrison