>Hate is such a strong word. Being a writer I feel like I have a license to use it more liberally.

-I have no problem saying I hate Two and A Half Men.
-I hate all of MuchMusic’s shows. Especially “Totally Untrue History Of….”
-I hate that I never got to be on Fun House when I was kid.
-I hate in public washrooms when people wash their hands like they are going into surgery. I mean how dirty is your business?

And what about people? I actually don’t like saying I hate a lot of people…aloud. But come on we all hate someone right? This is PostSecret so please don’t leave it in the comments. I ain’t no Camilla Scott here people.

Like Lauren Conrad, I like to keep the people I hate in my life. Not all the time. Just when I’m bored and I need to stir up some drama. You know the awkward glances across the bar. The exaggerated facial expressions for the invisible cameras filming your life….I mean. Is that just me?

Anywhooo, while perusing the internet I found the perfect gift for that special someone that makes you curl your toes and look at your cellphone at it fake-rings when you walk by them on the sidewalk:
But seriously folks. This disk only comes out next Tuesday (April 15th) and should not be given out to just anyone. You must really hate this person. Try to find someone that you hate as much as Donny and Marie really hate each other. Cause you know those two get along as well as me and the Shampoo aisle.

And if you happen to receive this CD. Well I’m sorry. All I can offer you is plastic surgery and your own spin off. There’s nothing more I can do for you.

Mike Morrison