I’m not a religious man.
But I am human. So every now and then, when great things happen, I have to count my lucky stars and be grateful for them.

Right now those things include:
1) Having a nicely shaped head. Cause I’ll be damned if I am going to be bald and have a poorly shaped head.
2) The fact that my rent hasn’t gone up in two years.
3)My Juno Media Pass!!!!!
4) The 3rd season of Friday Night Lights…..wait that can’t be right can it. Let me check again. (checking) Yup! It sure is!!! FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS was saved by NBC at the last minute and the best show on television will thankfully return next January (2009) with BRAND NEW EPISODES!

This totally makes up for going bald at 17.

NBC told the unusual step of announcing their Fall Line Up 4 or 5 weeks before all the other networks. I’m not really sure why they did this but none the less here are the highlights:

-1 Hour episodes of The Office is back!
-An Office Spin-off will also be taking place. No details yet. Having watched Joey, I’m kinda nervous about this.
-4 Thursday Night Episodes of Saturday Night Live will air leading up to the Elections!
Molly Shannon returns to network TV with Kath & Kim
The Biggest Loser is back.
-So is ER…which was rumored to be done this season.
-Hmm….Scrubs is off the list…..I wonder where that might end up? ***cough ABC cough***

Now…will you all please go to your local video store and buy the first season of Friday Night Lights!?!? It’s only like $25 and it will change your life. OK, it won’t grow your hair back (stupid birthday wish), but it will fill your soul with all sorts of goodness. Do the right thing!

Mike Morrison