The Good: You know how I always say that The Amazing Race is my favorite reality show? Well, I’m here to tell you today that I lied. It’s true, the Amazing Race is amazing, but my all time favorite reality show is The Mole. Never heard of it? Well it aired almost 5 years ago on ABC and was hosted by Anderson Cooper for 2 seasons. (It then did two seasons of “celebrity editions”, that I avoid like the shampoo aisle).

Well imagine my surprise today when I woke up to the news that because of the writers strike ABC was actually bringing back The Mole for a third season!!

It will probably come back this summer and I honestly can’t wait. The Mole has always been the smartest and most interesting of reality shows, so it will be great to see it back!

The Bad: Have you heard about The Golden Globes? That’s right, the writers strike has reared its head again and this years Golden Globes have been canceled. They were supposed to air this Sunday, but NBC will now have a press conference announcing the winners instead. Can you imagine anything lamer?

This is sad for so many reasons. It’s sad because the winners won’t get to share this award with millions of people watching at home, plus I can’t imagine the feeling of accepting such an important award in front to a room full of your peers. Can you imagine Jack Nicholson actually clapping for you?!?!? Crazy.

This is also sad because half the reason that The Golden Globes are so amazing is because everyone is sooooo drunk.
Ahh well maybe next year.

The Ugly: One Tree Hill came back on the air tonight. Veronica Mars didn’t.

Mike Morrison