>The internet today it was all about David Archuleta.
“His contest to lose!”
“Have we found a winner already?”
“Mike’s Bloggity Blog Blob is Awesome!”

Ok, I added the last one. But I just got sick of reading the same headlines over and over today.

So tonight it is the girls night on American Idol and quite frankly they must be a little bit nervous. Anything less than David Archuleta (cause there are still two other Davids) is pointless. So tonight I’m going to cut down the descriptions and rank them. That is unless someone really shines through. Hey Carly I’m talking to you.

Carly Smithson started the show off with Heart’s classic “Crazy on You” and she sang just that. The exact same version of the song. Sang it great. But nothing that screamed CARLY!

Brooke White would probably win tonight if it was Folk Idol with Carly Simon’s “Vain”.

-Syesha Mercado
had one of my favorite performance of the night with “Me and Mr. Jones”. Classic, confident and cool.

-With “Don’t leave me this way” Ramiele Malubay proves that she still has one of the biggest voices out of the littlest girls. The song was kinda alright, but it was nothing special.

-Holy shit did you know Kristi Lee Cook liked horses?!? Hey Kristi, do you know what’s “no good”? That outfit. But the singing was better than last week. But something about her rubs me the wrong way……(insert your own joke here).

-Oh no, Sweeney Todd has taken over for Amanda Overmyer…oh wait that’s her!?! Shit, that must have been some electric shock. Aside from her look this week, I’m liking Amanda more and more mostly because I imagine that she beats people like Kristi Lee Cook up. “Carry on my wayward” idol.

-Alaina Whitaker
has to be the most forgettable contestant left this year. Which is good cause that’s exactly what I want to do to her version of “Hopelessly Devoted to You.”

-Did Alexandrea Lushington just name drop 9/11? I didn’t even know you could do that. That’s all I’m writing cause her song was almost as bad.

-Kady Malloy
sings the night’s second Heart song all while just recently being attacked by the world’s biggest Bedazzler. I thought the good girl trying to sing a bad girl song just didn’t work for her. Amanda should have sung this.

-Remember Diana Degarmo? Well I do now, thanks a lot Asia’h Epperson and your version of “all by myself”. Who are picking these girls song. The 70’s was the decade of cocaine, disco balls, hippies and goldfish in shoes. And these are the songs they come up with.

I would like to personally thank TIVO because tonight I was able to watch the hour and a half American Idol in 40 minutes. Sweet.

So who is going home?
Does it really even matter. But for bragging rights:
1)Alexandrea Lushington
2)Alaina Whitaker

Tonight’s episode was brought to you by the 70’s tablecloth that attacked Paula Abdul

Mike Morrison