>This is where I usually post my Funky Friday selection for the week. But this week is different. Mostly because I am exhausted. Like completely exhausted, Toronto is killing me in a good way, but I’m just getting to the computer and I’ve been staring at it for the past couple of minutes and I can’t think of a single song worthy of the title Funky Friday.

I could pick Beyonce horrifically funny new song If I Was A Boy. No joke.
I know Alberta is loving Nickelback’s newest piece of trash.
I was also thinking of Shawn Desman because I am in Toronto.

But none of them seem right. So I’ll let you decide. Email me or leave a comment with a suggestion and if I deem it cool enough, I will post.

Hope you all had a great week! And have a better weekend! It’s Thankgiving!!!!!

Mike Morrison