Okay, so I definitely have a lot of people to thank and give shout outs to, but it’s late at night, so I’ll do a lot of it tomorrow.

But the final rounds of the Canadian Blog Awards were announced today and here are the results:
I came in 5th place.  Which is kinda like last place I realize, but seeing as how the first round had 75 different blogs, I still feel pretty good about it.  Plus, I know realize that one should never ever go toe to toe with a knitter.  Plus we were only 2% away from 3rd place.  That’s something right? RIGHT?!?!
I’ll just let the video tell you the winner of this one:

Yipee!  We won! We Won! We Won!
That’s two for two for both Best Entertainment Blog and Best Blog Post!
This tops off what has been a really cool day!
Like I said, the thank yous will come tomorrow.
Until then:
THANK  YOU from the top of cold bald head to the bottom of my oddly placed toes!

Mike Morrison