>So after 11 weeks we are down to the final 3….and not a moment too soon I might ask! Ryan informs us that each of the Idols, I use that term loosely, will be singing 3 songs each tonight. Which thankfully means no more guest mentors. I think Barry Gibb ruined it for all of us.

Jordin Sparks

Jordin is up first and sings Simon’s choice of “Wishing on a star” But first we get to see her in her welcome home celebration. Did you how many people were there? Seriously, do that many people show up for those things? Don’t we have lives….not like I should be saying anything. Simon’s choice of the song was interesting because he always criticizes her for acting too old. I’m further confused later when he chastises her for choosing “I love you” a song that is nearly 60 years old.

Jordin also sang “She works hard for the money!” Besides this song always reminding me of the old Zellers commercials I thought she did an alright. I thought it was even better Paula called Jordin a prostitute by saying that she had indeed worked hard for the money.

Blake Lewis

Not only did Blake also get a welcome home celebration, but he got to sing “I Like Big Butts” with Sir Mix-a-Lot! Are you kidding me. That moment alone was worth wading through this never ending season. What’s the chances Blake will be allowed to sing that song?

Paula’s choice for Blake was Roxanne. Was it me or did it seem that he was singing ahead of the music. The judges were only luke warm to it. But warmed up when he sang Maroon 5’s “This Love” Randy was right when he said that Blake was in his element when he was singing this song. It was my favorite! He also sang Robin Thick’s “When I get you alone.”

Melinda Doolittle

For some reason Melinda didn’t have a big celebration. But she did get to hang out with the Govenor. Oh and she also got a street named after her. So I guess that is a little better than a party full of bloggers who have nothing better to do.

Whitney….I mean Melinda nailed everyone of her songs. There really isn’t much to say. The judges said it themselves, she is the most consistent.

I’m guessing I already know who the bottom three will be but I leave that up to you! Ha Ha. I honestly can’t say who is going home. I would think it should be Blake. Jordin and Melinda are the better singers, but Blake is a great performer and he’s got the tween vote. It’s wide open!

Mike Morrison