Tonight I’m writing this from my friends house, basically he has a HUGE HD TV, and I like to watch dreams realized and crushed in high definition. Does that make me sick? Maybe.

7:03 Sanjaya is the first to go up. Unfortunatly American Idol’s hair department seems to M.I.A, but he made it through, so hopefully between now and next week’s episode they find something!
7:04 Wow the giraffe didn’t make it through! That is a little disappointing. Do people really think when they argue that they are going to change the judges mind?

7:05 Tammy didn’t make it through! WHAT!!!! Seriously what do the judges want!

7:06 Oh Melissa Dolittle, please make it through….come on….come on……oh yes, finally they got something right!

7:07 Is Brandon making out with the microphone? Is that what gets you through? And did anyone notice how disppointed Ryan Seacrest looked? What’s up with that?

7:13 Seriously is that guy sitting in the front row from So think you can dance?

7:14 I think Gina has a real shot at winning this thing….America seems to like with people with red in their hair.

7:16 Yes Phil “baby daddy” made it through! From this point I will only refer to him as Baby Daddy. (side note: my high school nickname was Cupcake. ugh)

7:23 The simpson’s movie!!!

7:25 You’d think I’d remember Jack Osborne auditioning?

7:27 Blake is next…do you think he’d do a beatboxing CD?

7:28 OH damn Thomas is going home. I was hoping we’d get our first American Idol super group.

7: 32 Paul Kim made it through. I will name him William Hung 2.0. (I also hate wearing footware, but I don’t wear underwear.)

7:33 Stephanie looks a lot like Fantasia and it’s more than that. We’ve heard her voice before. It’s nothing new. Bring back Tammy!

7:36 Seriously…what is a prime number? I can’t wait to see “Are you smarter than a 5th Grader?” It should be good.

7:40 Elena is pretty weaked willed eh? What happened to standing? “Blow your Nose!” HAHAHAHA, Simon you are Hilarious!

7:42 Chris Richardson is good, but I already own one of his CDs it’s called Justified. (JK, I don’t actually own it, but for joke sake…well you get it!)

7:43 I love this show too Sabrina. I love this show too!

7:46 Damn you Simon and your long. drawn. out. sentances. Laquisha gave me a couple of tears.

7:50 Do think the back up singers during hollywood week hate that they have to sing for these American Idol hopefuls/rejects! It must burn them a little bit.

7:52 oh…..two chairs!

7:53: Putting them both in the elevator is totally not fair, but I love it none the less. Poor Antonella stuck in the elevator with Marissa. That is actually the definition of awkward.

7:55 I know Sundance is going to get through, but he shouldn’t. It is totally not fair. Sure Tommy has a criminal record, but Sundance screwed up way more than anyone. SEE I KNEW IT! This is such bullshit. The judges were soooo wrong. I’m going to do everything I can to make sure Sundance doesn’t win this. Or even make it on the Best of CD.

Also, Sundance please do not insult a person who didn’t make it through by saying you’ll make them a bodyguard. Not cool!

Well thats it. We are back next week and the voting finally starts! Although we in Canada can’t vote, I’m going to be sending out my voting vibes!

Mike Morrison