>So I was playing around on the EW.com website this weekend and I saw something so cool. They posted a photo essay on the Best/Worst Star Wars moments. Having lost my virginity to all things Star Wars a couple of years ago for Entertainment Weekly, I thought it would be cool to check it out.

There I was scrolling the pictures and when I got to the end I saw something really cool. They linked to my article about losing my Star Wars virginity again! Like I said, pretty cool.

Now I realize that to some this doesn’t seem that cool or important. But they also didn’t just spend the weekend organizing the last three years of EW magazines that have been littering his living room since moving to Calgary. At my mother’s urging, the magazine are now neatly arranged in chronological order. (Meanwhile 5 years worth of magazines still sit in my parent’s basement.)

I remember the day EW posted my article, I remember what I was wearing, doing and where I was. It was the most ridiculous feeling ever. So the fact that my favorite magazine still remembers the article is just as thrilling for me as it was the day it was published!

If you haven’t seen it before check it out here!

Thanks EW!
Now if someone could tell me why I still have to pay to subscribe to them that would be great!

Mike Morrison