>Mike Media Overload!

In case reading Mike’s Bloggity Blog all day every day wasn’t enough, this week there is particularly more Mike available. Like it or not.

You can read my newest opinion piece for The Daily Gleaner by clicking here. It’s about funding for post-secondary education.

The National Post also picked up my Facebook Top 25 Random things rant. Read it here and check out the rest of The Ampersand, always lots of cool Canadian stuff on there!

I think I am also supposed to be doing an interview with CBC New Brunswick for their drive home show today. I haven’t gotten the confirmation yet, but I think it’s still happening, so make sure you to Shift.

Plus have you noticed all the updates lately? I got some great advice and I’m trying to update Mike’s Bloggity Blog more than ever! I’m averaging about 5 posts a day! Make sure you check back often!

Mike Morrison