>I’m going to be honest with you. This detox? Yeah, it’s pretty much killing me.

This morning I woke up and felt like I had just watched the entire first season of Private Practice while doing Tequilla shots a rave full of clowns. Essentially I felt like crap.

This detox basically means I can’t have yeast, dairy (except butter), or tropical fruit (oh how I miss you Pineapple), on top of that I am taking 12 herbal herbal pills that are flushing out my system.

So today, while sulking around my office I was thinking about all the things I am going to eat in 9 days when my body has been cleansed.

Right now that list includes:
-McDonalds Milkshakes
-Room Temperature Milk
-Chips. All Kinds. All Makes
-My daily 1pm Coke (the pop, not the lines)
-Nutrigrain bars
-Coke (the lines, not the pop….just joking)

This detox also makes me appreciate food, those who are allergic to it and those who don’t get a chance to eat it.
So with my stomach pretty much rebelling against my life I finally got the opportunity to catch up on my Friday Night Lights. I got to watch the final three episodes of last season and then the first two episodes of it’s surprise 2nd season. Can I just say that this show rocks my socks off. I’m not going to spoil anything, but I’m giving the writers a little leeway with the episodes from this season. I feel like they are going to go somewhere amazing and they are just setting us up…slowly. I will say though I hate what they’ve done with my favorite characters Landry and Tyra, but again I’ll play the “benefit of doubt” card.

Right now this is definitely one of my favorite shows on television, it should be one of yours.

Mike Morrison