I don’t think there are  any specific rules for bloggers, I know we aren’t really allowed taking days off.  But rules suck.  So I’m taking the day off.  Call it a personal day or call it a mental-health day. Either way, my computer is off today.

It is the summer and I’m going to enjoy the day outside!  You wouldn’t know it because you never see us, but bloggers are pale, pale people.  The sun is  your enemy when you spend your day sitting in front of the computer.

So I hope you are all okay with me taking the day off.  If something comes up, you may see a post.  But for now, thanks for swinging by and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Mike Morrison


  1. Not to try and disrupt your day off or anything, but what ever happened to that Erin Karpluk interview that you were talking about a while back? I still haven’t seen it yet.

    Other than that enjoy your sunshine!

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