>Alright, even though my mom reads this every morning before she starts her work day, I’m going to be honest. I’m drunk. In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, I am “Drunkity drunk drunk.” Yes, I know it’s a Tuesday, but I dare you to find someone that can turn down $2 doubles and Brody Jenner and his Posse. Plus I think I can count on three hands how often I’ve been drunk in my life, so this is a freebie. Please don’t sigh mom. Please.

“Who is Brody Jenner?” asks my mom and about half of this blogs readers. Well Brody Jenner is Bruce Jenner‘s son (the olympics), he is also David Foster‘s step-son, and most important he is Lauren Conrad’s….um…well we don’t know exactly what he is. Is he her boyfriend or best friend? Either way we are captivated every week on “The Hills” to see where they’ll take their relationship next.

I’m going to continue this honesty thing, I’m in no way capable in talking about all the juicy gossip I learned tonight, I will do so later on on Wednesday when I am able to fully process all of the nights events, oh and sober up. But until then here are some highlights:

-Brody Jenner? Super nice.
-His best friend Frankie? Nicer.
-For the first time in my life, by simply stating my name I got into the VIP lounge. Crazy.
-Apparantly girls and guys are apparantly scared of buying shirts bigger than size small.
-I got tons of gossip on Lauren and my personal favorite Lo. Make sure you check back later.

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Mike Morrison