>The Top 11 perform tonight and when I was watching tonight I couldn’t help but notice a certain theme going on. Maybe even a certain conspiracy.

-Tonight is important because whoever gets eliminated doesn’t get to go on the Idol Tour or the CD. Why hasn’t that tour come to Calgary?
-Could David Archuleta look more terrified? I wonder if it has anything to do with this.
-I wonder what the world would be like if John Lennon was still alive? Do you think he would have his own show on VH1?
Amanda Overmyer definitely does the most with her songs and as she said knows how to throw her southern rock into it.
-Props also to Amanda for wearing matching clothes. Oh and Amanda? If you could look like you were having some fun that would be great. Thanks.
-I agree with Randy: 7/10.
Kristi Lee Cook is up next. Somewhere David Hernandez is cutting.
-Why Kristi would you pick “You Got To Hide Your Love Away?” Like Kristi you just barely made it through last week and you need to come back and blow it away. You didn’t do any of that.
-This is make or break for Sanjaya…I mean David Archuleta. He chooses the ballad The Long and Winding Road which has always been David’s strength. And David if you dad bugs you tonight tell him that he looks like a bigger idiot always wearing a ballcap on National television.
-Remember when this show was Michael Johns contest to lose ? Remember when I had hair? Those were the days.
Kellie Pickler performs tomorrow night.
-How sick is it that America would scream louder for a 16 year old boy than Michael. I mean just the name alone should get louder cheers.
-I liked Michael’s song tonight but after seeing that clip of Bohemian Rhapsody, I’d rather just see that again.
-Anyone else think that maybe the judges are doing a little influencing of the votes with poor little David Archuleta.
-Michael dedicated the song to his friend who died last year. Well played.
Brooke has family in Halifax, Nova Scotia!!!!!???? What! That is crazy. Also Brooke could you not make it sound like it is in the middle of Siberia? “Do any of your guys know where that it is?” Suck it Brooke. Suck it.
-Oh wait. She started singing Here Comes the Sun. All is right in the world.
-Brooke that is some crazy hair. I feel bad for your shower drain. Just a thought.
-I’m retiring the name Bedhead because I like him now.
-Newly rejuvenated David Cook sings Day tripper and for some reason has two microphones. I’m assuming it will be used for something. Oh wait….what? I have no idea what the microphone just did. Does anyone know?
-A Geico commercial? I’m so confused.
Kelly Clarkson Carly Smithson is up next and she is singing one of my favourite songs Black Bird.
-Carly looks like she got “glamorized” tonight.
-She definitely did an amazing job with it. And if the judges don’t agree the David Archuleta Conspiracy will be in full swing.
-Conspiracy on.
-Awww Jason Castro is singing my friend Chantelle and I’s “special” song. Michelle ma belle…. Yes Jason, it’s French. How is that American school system working out for you.
-Those are some tight pants Jason.
-I wonder how Syesha Mercado got to be the lucky one to sing Scramble Eggs Yesterday? I can only imagine how many of the Idols fought over this one.
-Crocodile Tears are a flowin’.
-American Idol is tooooo long.
Chikezie has officially dropped the last name. And apparently picked up a harmonica. Notice I said picked up and not played. Cause that wasn’t no playing.
-I really liked the country twang he did on Falling.
Hmmm me thinks that Ramiele has a little crushy crush on Mr. David Cook.
-Unfortunately not even Mr. Cook can save poor Ramiele from the worst performance of the night.

So who is going to be the first victim of The David Archuleta Conspiracy:
1.Kristi Lee Cook
2.Ramiele Maluby
3. Michael Johns

Going home?
Kristi Lee Cook

Mike Morrison