You may have heard of a little movie called The Dark Knight. You know, it’s the sequel to the newly re-booted Batman series and it opened this past Friday. Not only did the movie open to big numbers, it opened to the biggest numbers EVER!

Here are the records it broke:
-largest 3-day total ever!($158.3 mil)
-Best opening day ever ($67.9 mil)
-Best single day ever ($67.9 mil)
-biggest Thursday night (past midnight) debut EVER ($18.5 mil)
-Largest IMAX opening ever ($6.2 mil)
-contributed to the best weekend in box office HISTORY ($255 mil)
Oh and I didn’t see it, which makes me pretty much the only person in the known universe.
But I have my reasons:
-I finally got to the mountains and went a big (16km) hike with my great friends (and Mike’s Bloggity Blog readers) the Prescesky’s. I know I’ve mentioned Pete before and I am so proud to announce that he is doing AMAZING and put me and his wife to shame when it came to the hike!
-On the hike, when we reached the summit, we got to play in the snow. It was so cool (get it?).
-I NEED to see Batman in Imax and since Calgary only has one IMAX theatre and the screenings are sold out at least until this Thursday, I’m going to have to wait.
-I’m starting a new life philosophy that involves not standing in line for either free things or things I’ve paid for. I just can’t stomach it anymore.
But have no fear. I do plan on seeing it. I’m thinking this saturday morning at the 11:30am showing. That way it should avoid teenagers who like to rebel by playing with their cell phones during the entire movie, couples who find action movies romantic, stay at home moms who have nothing better to do and plus the popcorn will fresh, fresh, fresh!
Some quick Batman-related thoughts
-I lost track of how many people had Batman-related Facebook statuses.
-How silly do you think Katie Holms is feeling right now for not signing on for number two?!
-I wonder what Clark is going to write about now?

Mike Morrison