>What a weekend! Yesterday I moved into my dream apartment. I love it. It is at least twice the size of the one I just moved out of, and the good news is, is it now available for the filming of Saw IV. So not only do I benefit from being a great apartment (pictures to follow) the film industry also benefits from cutting down on building expensive sets.

Speaking of Hollywood, it is just a matter of hours before I hit the LAX tarmack. I still don’t think I understand that in a couple of hours I will be flying by the Hollywood sign. It is almost incomprehensible to me, being a small guy from a small town in a small province. Tomorrow I will attending the first live taping of the series premiere of “Celebrity Duets.” I also can’t believe that. All around town on the busses and C-Trains they have signs that say “Simon (Cowell) says: Watch Celebrity Duets!” (he is producing it!). And everytime i see the signs, I ALWAYS say (sometimes aloud) I will…..LIVE! Yesterday I got the speech from my friend Chad (whose cousin is WWE champion Chris Jericho, who is singing in the show) about being around celebrities. I guess there is code of conduct, since I am Chris’ guest. People who are with celebrities who act crazy/fanatic around other celebrities are apparantly called a “Mark”. No one wants to be a Mark. Also pictures are…OK…autographs are not. (plan still set in motion Colin).

Celebrities I am most excited about meeting with my back stage pass.

Leah Thompson (I think we would be friends)
Chris Jericho (I hope he doesn’t crush my….entire existence)
Simon Cowell (Can you F%^$%^ believe it! No words)

So what does one say to celebrities to not come off as a “mark” I have NO idea! Suggestions anyone?

Other than that I am looking forward to my three days in L.A. I know that I won’t be able to do all that i want to do. But this is a short trip, I will be back.

SIDE NOTE: If you don’t trust my opinion about veronica mars, you must recognize that two of my suggested favorite shows won at last night’s Emmys. Best Drama (24) Best Comedy (The Office). Is that the sound of recognizing i hear?!?

Mike Morrison