UPDATE: Wow!  That was fast!  The Corner Gas movie reached its Kickstarter goal in less than an hour.  Man, oh man those fans sure do love Dog River!

They’ve been talking about it for years and today Brent Butt made it official: The Corner Gas movie is happening!

As is becoming common practice, the movie was launched with a Kickstarter campaign. But what was different is that the movie is not dependent on the success of the campaign, it’s happening either way. But Kickstarter backers are being given exclusive opportunities and so far, fans of the CTV are liking what the Dog River gang are selling.  Less than a day into the campaign, Corner Gas: The Movie has collected half of it’s $100,000 goal!

As always, Kickstarter is a great way of gauging fans interest in a project. As witness with the success of “Veronica Mars” and Zach Braff‘s upcoming movie “Wish I  Was Here” and if the first day is any indication, fans actually want to see this movie.  Not to disparage it, I’ve only ever seen one episode, but I know people love this show and it’s easily one of Canada’s most successful shows in recent memory.

Backers can start by giving only $5, which gives you the script. But there are backing opportunities that go all the way up to $8,000, which gives you the opportunity to host the world premiere of the movie in your home town!  As of right now, no one has claimed this prize, but I do think it’s only a matter of time.  Some of the other high-level rewards like a speaking role ($7,000) and being an extra ($3,000) have already been purchased.
And here’s what we know about the movie so far:

-The entire cast will be back.
-The movie takes place five years after we last saw the characters.
-The movie will shoot in June and be out before Christmas.

So what do you think, are you excited that Corner Gas is back?  What other Canadian shows would you like to be revived? I’m still rooting for Racoons: The Movie.


Mike Morrison


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