I feel like I’ve been posting a whole lot of cool opportunities and contests lately, I hope you guys are taking advantage of some of them because they really do seem pretty cool.  Here’s another one that just popped into my mailbox.

The Comedy Network is looking for some social media savy person to have the Best Summer Job Ever!

The job is essentially to be the social media guru for the comedy channel and it comes with a furnished downtown Toronto suite for two months this summer!  Now I don’t know very many internships that come with those kind of accommodations and probably amazing access to some great concerts and shows in Toronto, so it would definitely be cool!  The only rule says that you have to be 19 years old or older.

Hmmm…maybe I should apply.  Nah, I’m too busy already.  BUT this is one of those opportunities where you hear about afterwards and you wish you had applied, so why not just apply?  All you have to do is submit a tweet to @comedynetwork.  It takes probably five minutes to come up with something witty and it could literally change your life.

I don’t know, seems worth it to me!

Applications close June 6th!  Good luck, Good luck, Good luck!

Here’s all the details!

Mike Morrison