Tonight ten independent coffee shops in the Calgary-area will kick-off one of the coolest programs I’ve heard of in a really long time.

It is called the YYC Disloyalty Program.

The Program is in support of local, independent cafes and the Calgary coffee scene by encouraging regulars to be disloyal customers and try out some of the best coffee the city has to offer. Essentially Calgarians will be given a loyalty punch card, but it is designed to encourage the customers of the participating cafes to explore the coffee culture of Calgary (and area) by visiting each cafe on the card to get a punch. After tonight, you will be able to get your Disloyalty Card at any of the participating cafes.

To kick off the program, they are throwing a big launch party tonight at deVille Luxury Coffee and Pastries (Art Central location), starting at 7pm. The big party costs $5 and there will coffee snobs there– the party will be fun and educational! There will even barista jam portion of the night will include a latte art competition, and everyone will be encouraged to participate– not just the skilled baristas. I’m actually going to be a judge for the lattes and I’m telling you now: I accept bribes.  Maybe I shouldn’t tell you that.  But what fun would that be!

For me details on the event, check out their Facebook page!

Hopefully I’ll see you there!

Mike Morrison

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