>As I sit here on my sister’s couch with her and her husband watching Christmas Deal or No Deal, I’m left thinking several things as the final hours of Christmas wind down.

-After listening to a 4 and 7 year old talkig all day, i can’t help but feel like I’m talking them. Me want sleep.
-I think I ate 18 maderine oranges today.
-I’m happy to announce that “Santa” reads my blog, he brought me Waitress.
-My family was unusually quiet to me today. Their reason? They were scared what would end up on the blog. Sigh.
-My life, apartment and job in Calgary have never felt sooooo far away. I can’t tell if that is a good thing.
-Do you know that Perez Hilton is updated on Christmas day! What’s that say about him? What’s that say about me?!
-I could dance with a 4 year old or my grandmother all day long. “Mike, your up!”
-Sitting with my nephew by the fire and playing boardgames is better than watching TV any day of the week. At least during the writers strike.

-Whose brilliant idea was it to give Fredericton only 1 Starbucks and then put said Starbucks in a mall so it is closed on Christmas and Boxing day.  sigh.  You know your in the maritimes when….

So with 8 days left of my Eastern vacation I’m trying to slow down time and take it all in.

Merry Christmas Everyone! Thanks for reading!!!

Mike Morrison