I truly believe that living a life without challenging yourself is hardly living at all. Whether that means moving across country, finishing that degree or trying to make it through an According to Jim Marathon. If you don’t challenge yourself your life will never be as exciting as you’d like it to be and before you know it you 94 and looking to spend some alone time with Jim Belushi.

This weekend I challenged myself in a couple of different. While none of them may be life changing, they ended up being quite fun.

On Friday night, I went to Energy 1o1.5s Halloween party. This was fun because I can’t think of the last time I dressed up for Halloween (I don’t count the time I dressed up as Joe Millionaire 2 as a joke at work), contrary to popular belief I don’t always like being in the spotlight and the whole idea of people dressing up in costumes and judging you kinda makes me nervous and reminds me of high school. But none the less I put on my homemade Charlie Brown costume and ended up having a quite a fun time. Of course having a couple of drinks hours after finishing my 12 day detox certainly made things a little interesting. Luckily I have some pictures floating around Facebook that help fill in parts of the night. (haha, just kidding mama-they didn’t help at all.)

Than on Sunday I played my first game of Football. I know right? It probably had something to do with Friday Night Lights, but I ended up having a pretty good time. Mostly I just ran around while everyone else was throwing the ball and running into each other. That also reminded me a bit like High School. It was also pretty cool because on the way to the field I had to jump my very first fence. Alright, the secret is out, I lead a very safe/undangerous childhood and maybe I’m rebelling a little bit! But I made it over the fence (all 7ft feet of it), of course I cut myself, but I felt pretty good about the cut. My first battle wound! Although no one else seemed to think it was a big deal. Hell, I even took a picture of it!

Also, I’m working on something a little secretive that might maybe take me out of the city for December 2nd. Let’s just say it might be a little Spicy.

Mike Morrison