>It’s been two weeks since I checked in our little Canadian Idols. I find Canadian Idol sorta like a car wreck, I don’t really want to watch, but I can’t stop! Oh no….here they come….

Matt Rapley: I actually forgot about Matt. And during his song tonight I remembered why, boring. Next

Greg “I take advantage of second chances” Neufeld is up second but holding to my agreement to myself that I wouldn’t acknowledge him until he makes it to the Top 10. Which he will as long as he keeps singing those yuppy John Mayer songs to his 14 year old fans.

Tyler Mullendore is third. Dear Tyler, a lot of my family is from Cape Breton and we all agree that all though you have an accent there is no way it is as thick as you portray it. My cousin Leslie says it’s not cool. Although when you sick you do have a kick ass rock voice. See you in the Top 10. (Thanks to territorial voting)

Liam Styles Chang, thank you for singing the Fray. Ever since Grey’s Anatomy wrapped up I really missed them. I liked this version of it just because it sounded just different enough. Also, was that a hickey I saw on your neck?

Dwight D’Eon is up next after last week when the judges all predicted he would be going home. That must have been awkward after the show finished taping eh? But his version of the Matchbox 20 classic brought a whole side of Dwight that we hadn’t seen before. He bought himself another week with that song.

Jaydee Bixby (J.D Bigsby) was in full Stampede mode with John Michael Montgomery’s “Sold!” Man, I haven’t heard this song in so long. Does it make anyone sad that Jaydee probably wasn’t born when this song came out?

Bryan “I’m really bald, but shhh don’t tell” Melo. Do you know what? I actually really like his song, not too sure about him, but I really liked the song. Will it be enough to save him for another week? Only his BALD HEAD will be able to tell!

So that’s it! Who is going home?

I’d say Matt Rapley and Bryan Melo, sorry guys, people like there entertainers…oh I don’t know…ENTERTAINING!

Mike Morrison