We are only three weeks from the “Greatest Outdoor on Earth”, The Calgary Stampede.

If you’ve never been to the Stampede, it always kicks off with the world’s longest outdoor parade. Seriously, you haven’t seen 17 showbands, 1800 horses and three alderman in a car until you’ve seen the Stampede parade. It is dreadfully long. It is like that movie The Thin Red Line, but much, much longer.  The only reason I go is because I like watching people’s faces when the horses shit in front of them.

Every year, The Calgary Stampede chooses a bright, inspiration and proudly Canadian people to be the parade’s Grand Marshals and this year’s marshals are no exceptions. After all, they were on a reality show! Sigh.

It was just announced that Jet and Cord McCoy from the Amazing Race will be this year’s Calgary Stampede Parade Marshals!  The choice could not have been more obvious, they aren’t Canadian, they didn’t even win the Amazing Race, but they did always keep their cowboy hats on.  The Stampede released a statement saying, “The McCoy brothers were true to their values to the very end — and they never parted with their coveted cowboy hats.”  Seriously?  That is all it takes?

They could have chosen Olympians, community leaders, entitled-bloggers, ANYONE?!?  But these guys?  And don’t get me wrong, I LOVED them on the Amazing Race, they were hilarious.  But what the hell do they know about Stampede, Calgary or even Canada! And let’s all say this together people: They didn’t even win!

Outside of the Olympics, our athletes struggle to stay in the spotlight and here was a perfectly great opportunity to say thank you for providing such an amazing and exciting three weeks last Februrary.

Unfortunately, organizers saw a chance to increase their exposure to the aging Amazing Race fans and took it.

Can we please vote on this next year?

Happy Stampede Everyone…I guess.

Mike Morrison


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