Well, well, well look who is stepping into Mike’s side of the country.

It was announced today that Prince William and his wife-to-be Kate will soon be visiting Calgary on July 8th, also known as the first day of the Calgary Stampede! Guess even the future King and Queen couldn’t resist the draw of mini-donuts.  I know I can’t.

Other cross country stops include Ottawa on June 30 and Quebec, Prince Edward Island, the Northwest Territories and Alberta.  What?!  No New Brunswick?  I guess my home province is good enough for u2 but not Will and Kate.  Hopefully they’ll get their fill of McLobsters  in PEI.

Are you getting excited about the Royals visit?  I’m not going to lie, I think this whole trip is going to be a blast for the entire country!

Mike Morrison


  1. Just a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw great pattern. “Justice is always violent to the party offending, for every man is innocent in his own eyes.” by Daniel Defoe.

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