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This past Tuesday, 300 hundred of Calgary’s youngest and hottest were gathered together for what became one of the biggest social events of the fall. Yes, I know I was there. I was shocked too! They were gathered together to meet a celebrity so big that all the women apparently went shopping at Baby Gap for their dresses and crowded Tequila Nightclub two hours in advance in anticipation.

What was the celebrity, you ask? Nickleback? Britney Spears? Maclean Kay? Sadly it was none of these; no actually it was none other than BRODY JENNER!


Here’s a quick refresher for those lucky enough to be unfamiliar with Mr. Brody. Brody is the son of Bruce Jenner (that Olympic guy), he is also David Foster’s step-son and a couple of years ago appeared on a Fox reality show called “Princes of Malibu”, that was cancelled after two episodes. But what now makes Brody hot commodity for the younger generation is that he currently featured on MTV’s most popular product “The Hills” as Lauren’s on again/off again boyfriend.

Yeah seriously, that’s it. He doesn’t save orphans, he probably doesn’t even recycle, instead Brody is in the ultra exclusive club of being a celebrity because he is a celebrity. If Paris Hilton is the queen, Brody is the king.

So this past Tuesday, I made my way down to the bar to check out the scene. (Solely for journalistic purposes of course.) My friend and I were shocked not only at the amount of people (90% girls), but at what lengths these women were seemingly willing to go to meet with Brody and be invited into the VIP lounge. I mean I’ve heard of worker and housing shortages, but I didn’t even know about the clothing shortage until that night. We need to figure out how to make more cotton stat! It’s November for god sakes!

Once Brody made it to the club the place went nuts. This might be slightly inappropriate but watching the girls trying to grab Brody’s attention and get into the VIP lounge reminded me a bit of that scene from the Titanic when the passengers referred to as Steerage are trapped behind the gate desperately trying to get out while the boat is sinking.

Having earlier introduced myself to Lisa (Tequila’s promotions manager), myself and some acquaintances from Energy 101.5 were quickly whisked past the hundreds of desperate women into the VIP section. (Never under-estimate the power of a blog.) I’m going to be honest, the geek in me relished the jealous looks of the girls that would have never given me the time of day before. I heard on a number of occasions as the bouncer made way for me, “Who the Hell is he!?!?!” Wouldn’t you like to know, wouldn’t you like to know indeed.

My encounter with Mr. Jenner was brief, but nice. Like his hair. After quick introductions he pulled me aside and we talked for about 5 minutes about the show, David Foster and Canadian music. While he was very nice, he would be stupid to continue talking to me when there were 200 drunken ladies waiting for him, so after a quick picture Brody moved on.

With that my quick encounter with “fame” was over. I hung out in the lounge with a friend for a bit longer, mostly to continue to rub it in to those who had not been invited in. Kinda selfish I know, I bet they wished they had talked to me in high school now!

When I came home that night I wrote on my blog (www.miguelmorrison.blogspot.com) about my quick encounter with Brody and promised more details to follow. When I got home from work today the hits on my blog had jumped 200%. I couldn’t believe that so many people were interested in finding out the details of the night. I mean really…for Brody Jenner?

And with that the fact that I’m getting older is further drilled into my head and becoming more out of touch with what is “cool”. Now if I could only figure out what the hell I’m going to do with the loch of his hair I stole.

Brody is also making appearances in Lethbridge and Edmonton in the next week. Talk about heading for “The Hills”. Ok, that didn’t really make sense, but it was worth a shot.

Mike Morrison


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