Tonight marks the season finale of CTV’s new hit The Bridge.

This series never really caught on for me, but it obviously did for a lot of Canadians, after all it does get more than a million views per week!

And CTV couldn’t be happier about it, they just released a statement saying that “The Bridge is the #1 new Canadian drama of the season!”

Uhhhhhh…is there another new Canadian drama?

I may be wrong, but I honestly can’t think of another new Canadian drama that could rival The Bridge for this title. Using this logic, isn’t the Bridge also the lowest rated new Canadian drama of the season?!

I would also like to take a moment to announce that Mike’s Bloggity Blog is the Best Blog Ever Written! (By a bald guy, named mike, who lives in Calgary, who is from New Brunswick and whose favorite colour is blue!)

Wow. I feel so honoured.

Mike Morrison


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