>It’s late on Thursday night and after a couple of nights of restless sleep, I’ve decided to confess something. Over the past couple of days I’ve gone through a tough break up and I need to talk about it.

Actually, it’s been a couple of different break-ups.

The first was probably the toughest. After two seasons of seriously dating, I’ve decided that Heroes can no longer be apart of my life. It’s just too boring. I simply don’t have time to sit on my couch and be bored every week by a show that is way past it’s prime. And I mean it, we are really done. I even went and deleted all of this season’s episodes from my Tivo. We are done.

The second break up was a lot easier because I never really liked them in the first place, it was more to just fit in with everyone else. Private Practice was supposed to be different. A new kind of relationship with so much promise. Then it premiered. But everyone else seemed to like it so I thought I would grow to love it. Then it’s second season premiered. I actually only made it through the first 5 minutes and I had enough. I kicked Private Practice off of my TIVO season pass list and I don’t plan on calling it ever again. Okay, maybe if I’m drunk.

But that doesn’t mean all of my other relationships are as happy as Brad and Angelina’s. Grey’s Anatomy, My Name is Earl , 90210 are all very close to being placed in the “no longer in a relationship” on Facebook. But fret not, my secret affair with The Hills is stronger than ever.

Mike Morrison