As I mentioned yesterday, I am dog sitting a little yorkie named Lily.
Unfortunately Lily, who is a rescue dog who was found this summer, chose this week to become a woman.
So after buying the doggie diapers (xxs), I sat Lily down and we talked about the birds and the bees. Of course, this was further complicated by the fact that we think Lilly is a lesbian, more specifically a binge eating lesbian. So I did my best. We talked about other dog’s intentions and what love really means. Then we watched two episodes of Degrassi, the 3rd season of Full House and four “very special” episodes of Blossom.
I think Lily took it well. She spent the rest of the night in her room. And then she came out and yelled at me for no reason then started crying at the same time.
This is going to be a long 12-21 days.

Mike Morrison