With only a few sleeps left in 2009, CTV News has just released their list of Canadian news stories this year. Sadly, Mike’s Bloggity Blog winning some blog awards, didn’t make the list. I’m assuming it was eleventh.
The complete list of CTV’s Top 10 Canadian News Stories for 2009 is:
  • The Recession
  • H1N1 / The Swine Flu
  • The Afghan Mission
  • Newfoundland Chopper Crash
  • Car Industry Collapse
  • Tori Stafford
  • Jim Balsillie’s bid for the Phoenix Coyotes
  • Earl Jones Ponzi Scheme
  • The Olympic Torch Run
  • Canadians in Space
Beginning on Wednesday, December 23, CTV National News With Lloyd Robertson features in-depth reports on each of the Top 10 Canadian News stories every night leading up to New Year’s Day. CTV’s team of top correspondents will take a closer look at each of the major stories, reporting on recent developments and examining the impact they will have on Canadians in the upcoming year.

Mike Morrison