>A couple of days ago, I talked about how the Calgary Sun, which routinely makes people stupider just by reading it, was going to ruin Energy’s 101.5 Two Strangers and A Wedding by showing a picture of the Bride, ie: Monday.

I thought it sounded fishy and I was right.  Gossip Girl Kelly Doody did indeed publish a picture of the bride today….but as a child.  But what is surprising is that if you read Kelly’s blog, she kinda sounds bitter about the whole thing and it sounds like she got some pretty nasty emails and complaints about potentially ruining the social experiment.  Rightfully so.
If she was every going to publish the real picture of the bride, I don’t think that she would garner and new fans.  Whether or not you like the experiment, what is the point of ruining it aside from making yourself feel better.  I’m glad that Kelly has decided to stick to writing about d-list Calgary celebrities and leave those looking for love alone.

Mike Morrison