One of the hardest parts of being a Canadian Entertainment Blogger, is that sometimes, I have a hard time suppressing my excitement for meeting cool people. You see, there is an unspoken rule for meeting celebrities if you are in the media. You cannot act like a fan. You have to be a peer. Or at least try to be.

I have broken this rule at least once. I think the previous time was fair because Sarah McLaughlin was standing right beside me, what else was I supposed to do? I obviously took a picture.
Tonight was another really hard night, to try to be “cool.” I was invited to the Opening Night Gala of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new show The Boys in the Photograph. Yes, I went twice in a row. It’s that good. At the VIP reception afterwards, Ben Elton was mingling about. Ben Elton wrote the show, as well as other shows like We Will Rock You and television shows like, Mr. Bean and the Black Adler. He is pretty much British Royalty.
Acting as cool as a rotten cucumber, I approached him and congratulated him. And we talked briefly about the show. I told him that after two consecutive viewings, that it was a very strong show that he should be proud and we cheersed our wine glasses. Yes, I cheeresed with Ben Elton. Suck on that high school drama teacher that gave me an 75%, because “I tried to hard.”
Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture, because I was trying to be cool and not a fan. It was so hard to do, but sometimes it’s part of the gig. I did get a picture with the star of the show, Tony LePage!! I’ll have a full blog about the show ASAP. But for now, I felt privileged to see the show again. Thanks to Sue from Mirvish Productions for helping me out!

Mike Morrison