Are you still watching John and Kate Plus 8?

It had sorta fell off my radar but the show returned last week with new episodes and it turns out the Gosselins just bought a new house. And let me tell you, it is a HUGE house. Last weeks episode was about showing their 8 kids their new home and sweet lord they must be making a pretty penny off the show because they are definitely moving on up! Maybe now they’ll buy actual bed frames for the kids who have been sleeping on the floor since their last move!
Tonight’s episode is called “The Big Move” and as fans of the show know, Kate doesn’t always handle stress in the most positive manner, look out John!
As a little bonus, you can get a free episode of John and Kate Plus 8 on Itunes today. It’s retrospective on the Gosselins last 10 years and it’s quite fun to see the kids from babies to the little hellions they are now!

Mike Morrison