>I’m not going to lie. This post is probably going to be as lame as the the internet availabilty in Kelowna. But a blogger, yes I’m a blogger, I can only do what a blogger does best and make due. I’m heading back to Calgary on Friday so hopefully all things normal will be restored to Mike’s Bloggity Blog Blob.

Since I left last Saturday I’ve been following the “news” as much as possible. Apparantly Gene Simmons had an affair and Lohan posed for some racey photos. We also had to say goodbye to Yau-Man, Colten, Amy, Joanne and thankfully Garrett. Phew.

Let’s be honest here for just one second and admit that this week has been ridiculously slow. But by far the most exciting news while I’ve been away from Cowtown is the the casting announcements for the Wolverine movie that have slowly, but surely (not shirley), been released. Obviously Hugh Jackman will be returning as the most popular X-man , Wolverine(sorry Paquin) which for now is called X-Men Origins: Wolverine and will be debuting May 1st 2009, This week, it was also announced that Canadian Ryan Reynolds (Maybe, Defintelyand for hard coresTwo Guys A Girl and A Pizza Place) will be joining good ol’ Hugh, along with fellow Canadian Taylor Kitsch (Riggins on Friday Night Lights), will.i.am (which basically says: “screw you Fergie and your solo success”), Lieve Schreiber (who I choose to only remember as the not so homocidal guy from the Scream series) and Dominic Monaghan (the dearly departed and apparantely forgotten Charlie on Lost).

So basically, while it may seem impossible to be excited for a movie opening in 15 months I’m going to go out on a limb and say this movie is going to be HUGE. And even though it is going to be opening against some whore named Hannah Montana, I don’t think that little floozy Mylie Cyrie stands a chance.

Don’t let me down Wolverine, you are our only hope! Now Kelowna get me some regular internet access!

Mike Morrison