Remember a few years ago, when people were saying that TV was done. Well, how wrong were they? TV seems to be better than ever these days, and I really think that’s because creators are making shows to be enjoyed more than just once a week. We love binge watching TV shows and since Optik TV™ has the largest On Demand library, TELUS has made it easy for everyone to have the power to be picky with their entertainment. You can binge watch the shows you know you were always supposed to, or catch up on the ones that everyone’s talking about. Here are just a few of my favourites to binge-watch!


Game of Thrones

I have a confession to make: I’ve never seen Game of Thrones. I know, I know. I’m like the only person in the world and I keep meaning to, but I just keep missing it. It’s sort of like Breaking Bad, I always knew I was going to watch it, so when I finally did, it was well worth the wait. But boy does Game of Thrones seem awesome! Every week my Twitter explodes with people losing their minds over whatever just happened on the show. And are there dragons? I feel like there are dragons. Okay, that’s it; I’m watching the whole show this weekend.


Big Brother Canada

I’m a big Big Brother Canada fan. I love the twists and turns and shocking evictions, but what I don’t love is how long it takes to watch the show. Three months and three episodes a week, I love the drama, but that’s a lot of time! Plus, let’s be honest, the show is just pure cotton candy. Tastes great, but not really necessary. I love that on TELUS Optik TV™, you can settle down on a Friday night and race through the entire season in one weekend. That way, you can still enjoy the excitement of a good reality show, but you didn’t dedicate three months of your life to it.



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Speaking of reality shows, Survivor just completed its 30th season. Yes, it turned the big 3-0. The entire season is available on demand, and if you haven’t been watching the series in a while, I implore you to come back. I’ve never missed an episode and the show has never been better. One of the reasons is because the players are way smarter than before. They’ve watched the hundreds of survivors before them and they know how the game works, which means the show is filled with amazing blindsides and fantastic stories of surprise victories. This past season was no exception, during the finale I was standing on my feet cheering for a particular contestant and I think you will too! Survivor’s still got it!


The Comeback

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The Comeback
is the best show that you’ve never heard of. It stars the utterly hilarious Lisa Kudrow as a struggling actress attempting to stage a comeback via a reality show. What’s interesting about The Comeback is that the first season aired back in 2005, only to be revived nine years later for a second season. The show is sometimes painful to watch, sort of like the UK version of The Office, but in the funniest way. You’ll want to keep the remote handy, just to hit pause so you can recover from the laughter.


Girl Meets World

Growing up we all loved Boy Meets World, right? (Don’t tell me if you didn’t like it, I can’t stand to hear it.) But Boy Meets World was a long time ago and Corey Mathews is all grown up – so much so that he’s a busy dad of two and a teacher at his daughter’s school. Where did the time go? TELUS Optik TV has the show’s entire first season and it’s packed with hilarious cameos from the original series, a ton of great new characters and some fantastic jokes – even if the show is technically for kids and tweens. With nostalgia more popular than ever, Girl Meets World hits all the right notes.

Mike Morrison


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