I actually got to do two segments on Calgary’s Breakfast Television today.

The first was on useful Calgary websites, the second was my favorite websites for enjoying movies.
Here are the links. I hope to have the videos up tonight!
We all have to pee during movies, but we hate to leave because we don’t want to miss anything. This is a great site that tells you when it is the optimum time to go to the washroom. It will also tell you what what happened during that scene that scene, so you don’t have to feel like you missed anything. You can put the application on your Iphone too.
MoviePoopers This is a great time saver because it tells you the end of every movie! This is awesome for people who are interested in a trailer but not enough to actually see a movie. Or if you just don’t get around to watching movies, but you don’t want to feel left out when talking to your friends about the summer blockbusters.
We all have our favorite movie critics. (Mine is obviously Louis.B.Hobbs) This website takes all the reviews of every critics, assigns them a percentage or grade for a movie and then gives you the average. It’s a much more accurate representation of the movie review and helps you decide.
A great resource for parents to go to if they want to find if a movie is appropriate for their kids. Lists all the movies that are in theatres and DVD right now. It gives them grades based on violence, sexual content, language and drugs. it can be weird because, for example, it gives GI JOE and A for Drugs/Alcohol, but that actually means that there is no drugs or alcohol.
Bunny Movies in 30 Seconds. I’ve actually talked about this site before, but it’s so good, it’s worth repeating. The title explains it all. Here is Titanic in 30 seconds…as told by bunnies.
***I made the above image on a cool marquee name generator! Here is the link

Mike Morrison