Now here is an election that isn’t a huge waste of time!
If you’ve read this blog even once, you know that I LOVE Canadian music. I love how creative our musicians are and how they try are constantly exploring new and exciting avenues of song! And, if you are one of those people that don’t pay for your music, you are missing out on the one of the greatest feelings out there: supporting great canadian music.
This fall, CBC Radio 2 is giving Canadians the chance to share my passion for music, and nominate their favourite locations in the country to be celebrated in song through THE GREAT CANADIAN SONG QUEST.
Listeners are being asked to pick their favourite spots in Canada, whether it’s a secret meeting place, a sensational signpost or a breathtaking wonder of nature. Once the top 13-spots are chosen, songs from Canada’s finest musical icons and emerging stars will be created about each of these hidden treasures. The end result is an incredible cross-country playlist, with 13 brand-new, original songs for Canada’s playbook!!!
What a great idea! I can immediately think of my five favourite spots in Canada:
#1. My couch.
#2. The wharf in Baddeck, Nova Scotia.
#3. Field, British Columbia
#4. The Annex, Toronto. (Honest Ed’s, Aroma, Second Spin)
#5. The Previously Viewed DVD section of any Blockbuster.

What are you favorites?
You can find out more information about the Great Canadian Song Quest now and nominations open on September 27th. I’m going to be following this all Fall! Can’t wait to see what Canada decides!

Mike Morrison